Christine has resumed her Poetry Parties at The Abbey of Arts: she provides an image and theme, we offer our poems.  Read the poems shared and offer your own!

Flinging sacred intent hither and you

Entering holy tussles with expectation

Finding beauty alongside brokenness

Holding space as sacred and full of possiblity

Such is the heart of a

Monk in the World!


My daughter and her fiance tend the land at Green Gardens ~ they work long days and nights growing vegetables that are “Certified Naturally Grown” which they sell at local markets and to CSA members.   Whether at the Market where their table is overflowing with goodness or out at their farm standing next to the gardens there is always an abundance of green goodness!  I’ll let the photos tell the story…

Rows and rows…

and more rows, each 200 feet long

The new High Wind Tunnel that holds 420 tomato plants.  That’s a lot of tomatoes that will be hand-picked!

See how tall the tomato plants are!

Market bounty…

Kale – the all-time favorite of one of the farmers!

The farmers, framed by an abundance of produce!

May bounty fill your life this season!

Recently a few of us from our church gathered at The Hermitage for a retreat… the gifts were simple and profound.  I’m sharing a few of them that I received through the lenses of my camera:Blessed by the stones

Come to me… and be still



Cleansed by Your love


Come, follow me …

Our departing gift

We tuck

our memories, our hopes

in Your embrace,

wait for

new blossoms

from the Womb of Life.

Greening of the Cross,

Pine Island Church, May 9, 2010

I went down to the river to pray

Studyin’ about that good ol’ way

Asking how to let go

Be carried by the flow

Oh, show me the way

It’s Opening Day

Vendors and diners gather

Delighting in food!

Breaking chains of  ‘shoulds’,

oppression, abuse, demands ~

Our souls are set free!