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Winter Woods


   “In winter

I can see deeper

into the woods. 



  I am thankful

for winter eyes.”

                       ~Kathy Sherman

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . .


  (Photos of Asylum Preserve and my backyard)


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The Poetry Party at The Abbey of the Arts this week is in keeping with the season: Gratitude.   Join the gratitude offering… read what others have shared, then add you own list to the party!

Family ~  at our Thanksgiving Table this year the hands of many were gathered: my parents, my daughters, myself, and the hands of my grandparents who had washed and used the tablecloth, china and silver that graced our table, and the hands of the hundreds who planted the seeds, tended the soil, harvested the produce, cared for and nurtured the poultry, stocked the shelves, and bagged the groceries of all the food we enjoyed.  Oh to be blessed by so many hands!

Furry family members ~ life is simply richer by their presence in our lives and home!


Friends ~ near and far, young and old, of just recently and from many years ago, they also enrich our lives!

Faith ~ ever expanding and stretching, grounded and centered, unknown and steadfast!

Food ~ especially that which is grown locally and organically (and I am pleased to add food which is grown by my future son-in-law!), gift of our planet, feast for our senses, delight on our tables!

Indeed I am grateful for what I have.  May you be so blessed as well!

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Every year in October a dear friend and I make applesauce.  It’s a great way to usher in the autumn season while preparing some delicious treats to be enjoyed in the cold winter months.  Three years ago our “applesauce day” followed my “Declaration of Independence Day.”   Just recently the last legal piece was finished up, and the day before my friend and I made applesauce.  Such sweet bookends to this three-year journey. 

Over the years I’ve learned much from our applesauce making…

choosing… lots of options but which one is the best for this occasion?


peeling away the outside, taking out the core and seeds, leaving the substance of the apple for the sauce


the slow process of cooking which can’t be hurried;

it’s about patience ~ trying to hurry the cooking only results in burnt applesauce which doesn’t taste nearly as good as burnt & crispy chicken


and finally, enjoying the fruit of our labors.


May you be blessed by the fruits of your labors in this harvest season!





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I’ve been seriously leaning into the slow pace of summer, resting in my new home after 2 moves in 4 months, enjoying the companionship and entertainment of a  few woodchucks in the back yard (we’re learning how to co-exist), lots of birds, and of course our dog and two cats.   And not doing much on the computer including writing any new posts.   But this week’s Poetry Party at The Abbey of the Arts offers a gentle path to ease back into this part of my life.  Thank you Christine!


Like watching grass grow

so moves the inner life

in this season.

So sit a spell,

watch some of earth’s 

smallest creatures

go about their lives,

and trust the process.  


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 Come join the Poetry Party!


Ashes and sack cloth

Crosses and discipleship

Repenting and turning back


Bumps and warts

Rough edges and torn pieces

Wrinkles and fragility


Return again, and again,

with all that you are,

with all that you wish you were

and weren’t,

with all your heart,

for my love is sufficient.



All are embraced

in the cross.

All are made new

in my love.

All are held

in my hope.

This is my promise

for the journey.

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Friday Five: Cabin Fever

Singing Owl at RevGals describes it well: “Here in snow country we are settled in to what is a very long stretch of potentially boring days. The holidays are over. It is a very long time till we will get outside on a regular basis. The snow that seemed so beautiful at first is now dirty and the snow banks are piling up. Our vehicles are all the same shade of brownish grey, but if we go to the car wash our doors will freeze shut. People get grumpy. Of course, not everyone lives in a cold climate, but even in warmer places the days till springtime can get long. Help! Please give us five suggestions for combating cabin fever and staying cheerful in our monochromatic world?”

1) A former acupuncturist told me of this delightful, warming tea:  Pour boiling water over an inch long peeled piece of ginger root, add honey to sweeten and steep to desired strength.  It seems to warm me right to the core.  Mmmmm…

2) Of course Hot Chocolate is another antidote for cold wintry days and nights.  With marshmallows.

3) Indulge a bit and buy some fresh flowers.  I’ve found that small lilies will last almost 10 days so it always feels like $4.00 well spent.

4) Feeding the birds and then enjoying their bright colors and fun antics in the snow.

5) Enjoying a  fire in the fireplace.  Now, if just had a fireplace to sit in front of…



Submitted under the warm comfort of a quilt while wearing a turtleneck sweater under a wool sweater along with long johns and 2 pairs of socks under my jeans.

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On This Night

On this night…

Some carry on with the tasks of daily living: cashiers and nurses, ship crew and bus drivers, prison guards and rescue workers, volunteers and farmers, mothers and fathers.

On this night…

Others gather in churches, singing familiar carols, hearing the birth story once again, and holding the candles of light and hope.

On this night…

Many travel to be with loved ones, some are content remaining home, others reluctantly change plans and stay home because weather or finances or life’s challenges rearranging the best laid plans.

For one, for all… Light has come.

For one, for all… Love is born.

For one, for all… Hope is given.

Christmas Blessings to you, wherever you find yourself!





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