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Time to join in the Poetry Party again at Abbey of the Arts!  In honor of Valentine’s Day Christine has invited us to write a poem that is a love letter to something in our daily life.  Here’s my offering:

Letters of Love

Six days a week love is carried around town,

addressed to Ms. Sue and Mr. Tom

and Chaundra and Shawn

and Mr. and Mrs. Long.

Coming from across the country and around the corner,

these letters are written from the heart

or chosen with care at the card store.

They tell of

…a mother’s love for her daughter just starting college

…unspoken love after months of silent admiration

…gratitude after 47 years of marriage

…a sweetheart far from her beloved

…forgiveness after words spoken in anger

…love that is patient and kind and endures forever.

The good news is this love is not reserved just for Valentine’s Day.

With “Forever” stamped in the right hand corner,

this love is carried on paper and in our hearts.


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In the darkness of Christmas eve

I stand under the back porch roof,

   listening to the rain falling gently

   on the almost melted snow.

As most of us do every year, I had hoped the

   precipitation of this precious eve

   would fall in the form of snowflakes,

   the big and soft ones,

   the kind of snowflakes that appear

   on the covers of glossy, colorful

   Christmas cards we receive each year.


In the darkness of the holy eve

She rested under the roof of the stable,

   listening to the first breaths of her son

   among the rhythmic breathing of the animals.

Certainly, before this night, she had heard stories of the women

   who gather to attend to a birth.

Had she hoped for a clean room,

   with women kin-folk present,

   or at least the midwife of the region who knew which

   songs of labor to sing,

   herbs and tinctures to use to lessen the pain,

   positions to try to ease the pushing and groaning,

   blessings to pronounce at the taking of his first God-given breath?


We long for the comfortable and familiar,

   for the “shoulds” of how we want life to be.

But once again, You break into our lives

   in unexpected places, unfamiliar ways,

And give birth to Your love.

And You desire of us to do the same.


The ground may be mucky with mud and rain,

   or the floor covered with straw and tufts of fur.

We may shiver in the cold or wish the pain would lessen.

But Your love doesn’t need the ideal conditions for being birthed.

Your desire only a willing heart,

   a heart that will open, if even a crack,

   a heart that says, in perhaps a quiet whisper,

       Let it be with me, according to Thy word.



Christmas Blessings to one and all!


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3rd Sunday in Advent

When there are unexpected bumps on the road I often turn to music.  So this week, late as it is in this third week of Advent, I offer the words of one of my favorite Advent hymns: “People, Look East”

People, look east. The time is near

Of the crowning of the year.

Make your house fair as you are able,

Trim the hearth and set the table….

Love the guest is on the way.


Furrow, be glad. Though earth is bare,

One more seed is planted there:

Give up your strength the seed to nourish,

That in course the flower may flourish…

Love the rose is on the way.


 Birds, though you long have ceased to build,

Guard the next that must be filled.

Even the hour when wings are frozen

God for fledging time has chosen….

Love the bird is on the way.


Stars, keep the watch. When night is dim

One more light the bowl shall brim,

Shining beyond the frosty weather,

Bright as sun and moon together….

Love the star is on the way.

                                     ~Eleanor Farjeon

Such mystery and willingness that must have dwelt deep in Mary’s heart as she prepared to give birth to Love.  Is that part of the mystery of preparing our homes, decorating the tree, baking the cookies, putting up the lights in these days of dark hours, seeking out the melody over and over again of our favorite carols?  Is the pause in these activities, when we allow it, our own willingness finding a way to give birth to Love in our corners of the world?  In whatever way you are setting the table in these days, may your heart look east for the guest about to come.

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On This Night

On this night…

Some carry on with the tasks of daily living: cashiers and nurses, ship crew and bus drivers, prison guards and rescue workers, volunteers and farmers, mothers and fathers.

On this night…

Others gather in churches, singing familiar carols, hearing the birth story once again, and holding the candles of light and hope.

On this night…

Many travel to be with loved ones, some are content remaining home, others reluctantly change plans and stay home because weather or finances or life’s challenges rearranging the best laid plans.

For one, for all… Light has come.

For one, for all… Love is born.

For one, for all… Hope is given.

Christmas Blessings to you, wherever you find yourself!





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