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And on this day..

Share kindness ~ hug your loved ones, pet your cat, walk your dog, water your plants, hug your loved ones again ~ and claim the goodness of life.

Plant seeds ~ of lettuce and zinnias, of peace and compassion, dig in the soil to see the worms who work in the darkness turning waste into fertile soil ~ and claim the hope of our faith in the face of despair.

Look for the face of God ~ in the smile of your spouse or the grin of your child, in the weary faces of medical personnel and security offers in Boston and Syria and Iran, in the tears of weeping family and friends, in the despair of bystanders ~ and claim the promise of God’s everlasting arms of love.

Pray ~ often, in song, as you drive to work, hard, with every breath, for all who are unable to pray ~ and be held by the Spirit who prays on our behalf.

Turn off the TV, the radio, the web stream of constant news and images ~ turn on your favorite music, read a story to a child, read the Beatitudes aloud to yourself, listen to the song of the birds singing spring into being ~ and hear the song of God’s faithfulness through the season, over the ages.

Weep with those who weep, mourn with all who mourn, hope for those who have no hope ~ and when this is too much, rest fully in the tender mercy of Christ whose love can receive all this and more.

Embrace beauty ~ the blossom of a daffodil, a kind word spoken in the morning, a child learning to play the piano, neighbors talking over the fence, the predictable rise of the sun announcing the gift of another day ~ and give thanks .

For we are all one, sharing joy and sorrow, love and loss, connected in this beautiful web of life.


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