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Paradox – it often shows up
just when I think I have something figured out
Paradox shows up to say
“it may not really be that way”
Paradox reminds me, again,
that faith usually believes in order to see
Paradox, an invitation to embrace dissonance,
to hold in tension two seemingly unlike events or ideas
Paradox, a teacher of doxology in pairs

Less is more
Gain one’s life by first losing it
Mustard seeds are more than enough
Thirst is quenched, but with more than water
Hunger is satisfied, but not with bread alone
Costly oil is to be used on feet
Boundary lines bring freedom
Salt, more than sugar, sustains life
A seed is buried in order to grow
Wholeness can exist in brokenness
Joy and pain both find a place in the same heart

And, empty is full:
Full of new life, hope, healing, love
as Mary and Joanna and Peter discovered at the tomb.

Such is the good news of Easter
as we discover it anew, day by day…


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Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday, holy waiting,

holy wondering, holy preparing.

With regards to Jesus, we know how the story goes,

so we know for what we are waiting, wondering, and preparing

But more often we are like the women at Jesus’ tomb

not knowing for what we are waiting, wondering, and preparing

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry,

what type of meal to prepare for

how to set the table

which music to choose

are the spices and anointing oils

for life or for death? for both?

New life means a new beginning

which also means an ending.

Behold, I create all things new,

          The old has passed away.


A day of transition, a day like much of life –

letting go and embracing,

emptying and filling,

dying and rising,

exhaling and inhaling.

So I shall empty, clean, and fill the bird feeders,

preparing the table for those

who have returned as they do every spring,

Telling of the great cycle of rhythm of life,

of God’s great work of love

that hope has the last word.

The birds sing from the treetops

as we prepare to sing Alleluia!!

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