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Time to join in the Poetry Party again at Abbey of the Arts!  In honor of Valentine’s Day Christine has invited us to write a poem that is a love letter to something in our daily life.  Here’s my offering:

Letters of Love

Six days a week love is carried around town,

addressed to Ms. Sue and Mr. Tom

and Chaundra and Shawn

and Mr. and Mrs. Long.

Coming from across the country and around the corner,

these letters are written from the heart

or chosen with care at the card store.

They tell of

…a mother’s love for her daughter just starting college

…unspoken love after months of silent admiration

…gratitude after 47 years of marriage

…a sweetheart far from her beloved

…forgiveness after words spoken in anger

…love that is patient and kind and endures forever.

The good news is this love is not reserved just for Valentine’s Day.

With “Forever” stamped in the right hand corner,

this love is carried on paper and in our hearts.


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