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Every year in October a dear friend and I make applesauce.  It’s a great way to usher in the autumn season while preparing some delicious treats to be enjoyed in the cold winter months.  Three years ago our “applesauce day” followed my “Declaration of Independence Day.”   Just recently the last legal piece was finished up, and the day before my friend and I made applesauce.  Such sweet bookends to this three-year journey. 

Over the years I’ve learned much from our applesauce making…

choosing… lots of options but which one is the best for this occasion?


peeling away the outside, taking out the core and seeds, leaving the substance of the apple for the sauce


the slow process of cooking which can’t be hurried;

it’s about patience ~ trying to hurry the cooking only results in burnt applesauce which doesn’t taste nearly as good as burnt & crispy chicken


and finally, enjoying the fruit of our labors.


May you be blessed by the fruits of your labors in this harvest season!






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