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Sophia at RevGalBlogPalswrites: The pastor of my grad school parish once gave a fascinating reflection, at about this mid-point in the season, called “How to Survive the Mid-Lent Crisis”! As I recall, his main point was that by halfway through the season we have often found it very challenging to live up to our original plans….But, he suggested–on the analogy of the healing and reframing of our life plans that can happen during a mid-*life* crisis–that that can be even more fruitful.

So here’s an invitation to check in on the state of your spirit midway through “this joyful season where we prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed” (Roman Missal). Hopefully there’s a good deal of grace, and not too much crisis, in your mid-Lenten experience!
1. Did you give up, or take on, anything special for Lent this year?

This is the posture I desire but it has been elusively lately. 

2. Have you been able to stay with your original plans, or has life gotten in the way?

The latter, well actually I think I’m getting in the way of letting go and waiting and trusting.  Anyone else wrestling with impatience??

3. Has God had any surprising blessings for you during this Lent? 

In spite of my doubts today, yes there have been surprising blessings ~ read here.

4 What is on your inner and/or outer agenda for the remainder of Lent and Holy Week?

To discern when and where to I’ll move to, with how much energy to I pursue additional or different work/ministry, all while seeking to follow and listen rather than charge ahead.  And to lean fully into this song we’re singing each Sunday in Lent:

      “Take, O take me as I am; summon out what I shall be;

        set your seal upon my heart and live in me.”

5. Where do you most long to see resurrection, in your life and/or in the world, this Easter?

It’s been a long couple of years and it feels as if the cocoon is slowing shedding.  I want to believe that settling more permanently into a place to call home, and finding a meaningful way to share my gifts will help facilitate the new life coming forth.  And I am sincerely watching for, hoping for, big and little resurrections in the world, knowing that witnessing them will encourage me.

Thank you Sophia to this Mid-Lent reflection. 

Blessings to all for the very full days ahead.


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For a few months I have the gift of living in a friend’s family condo.  It’s only 3 years old, lovingly furnished, and spacious.  The depth and breadth of this gift continues to amaze me.  And humble me.  Upon learning that my 50th birthday was approaching another friend recently lent me the book “Proclaim Jubilee” by Maria Harris.  That significant milestone has since come and gone and I have crossed that important threshold.  

The second night I slept in the condo, before going to bed, I read the chapter “Let the Land Lie Fallow”, and I found myself in one of those “Ah -ha” moments:  in this Jubilee year of my life I have been given the gift of Holy Rest, of Sabbath, in a blessed and sacred space, a space that has been used for hospitality and retreat, a space that already has had a “house blessing”, a space I can call home for a while.


Here I will sit.  Listen.  Pray.  Read.  Create.  Ponder and wonder.  Ask.  And listen some more.


I’ll enjoy the special gifts of a fireplace and a large, luxurious bathtub.


And look forward to other gifts this season and space may offer while offering my heartfelt gratitude for this gift.  Daily.

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