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Ashes and sack cloth

Crosses and discipleship

Repenting and turning back


Bumps and warts

Rough edges and torn pieces

Wrinkles and fragility


Return again, and again,

with all that you are,

with all that you wish you were

and weren’t,

with all your heart,

for my love is sufficient.



All are embraced

in the cross.

All are made new

in my love.

All are held

in my hope.

This is my promise

for the journey.


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Friday Five: Pets

Sophia at GalBlogPals  invites us to share “in memory of Molly, and in honor of all the beloved animal companions who bless our lives: tell us about the five most memorable pets you have known. ”  I’m a day late due to moving yesterday, but when I read the topic I wanted to add my 2 bits, or 5 pets.  This move is very good for many reasons; it’s also temporary and I had to find “foster homes” for my 3 pets, and I was fortunate to find welcoming places for them.  So my first 3 favorites are here:

Hershey is our 9 year old faithful companion.  When we got him he looked like he has just eaten a chocolate bar, so hence the name.  He tries tries to live up to his namesake and has eaten more chocolate and lived to tell about it than most dogs.  He’s presently living with Simon and Simon’s 2 legged companions.  And so far he hasn’t eaten any chocolate or food off of their counter!

Brita and Kendall joined our family over 2 years ago and quickly won our hearts.  They’re sisters and act like sisters: cuddling one minute, spatting the next.  Brita often offers “pet therapy” – lying on my right leg while I’m lying down, it’s the best pain management I’ve found anywhere!  The only glitch is that she does this on her terms, not mine; and I guess there’s now a second glitch: she’s not in my new home.  But I’ve been invited to come and visit, she’s not far away!

Peanut belongs to my parents and when they travel I would often keep her in our home.  Peanut and Hershey have become buddies.  However when they first met, Herhsey was a young pup, and Peanut was older.  He would start to chase her, and then she pulled rank, chasing him around, yipping at him, and putting him in his place.

The fifth pet is actually 2 because they were a pair: the guinea pigs that my daughters had several years ago.  I don’t have photos of them: one was brown with stick-y out fur, the other was white with black spots.  Their names were Spot and Teddy ~ I’m sure you can figure out who was who.

Thanks for the invitation to recognize some members of my family who are temporarily living near by but not under my roof.

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Moving Thyme

For everything there is a season, and thyme for every matter under heaven.

And I am in the season of moving.  In some ways this has been in the making for quite some thyme but the details have made themselves known just recently ~ and have occupied much of my thyme and energy, thus no posts for a while.  I hope to return soon.

The move is temporary and fortunately we don’t have to move furniture, just our personal items and kitchen stuff.  I already sense that our new “home” has many gifts to offer and I’m eager to receive.

If there’s something to sit in, Brita will find it as she did here.  We won’t pack her in the box but we will have to take her and her sister Kendall and our dog Hershey to “foster families” until we find a place of our own.  We will miss each of them dearly.

In the meanthyme, may this month of February bring you some unexpected gift!

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