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Poetry Party!

Come join Christine’s Poetry Party in honor of those who have gone before us.



Grandpa had a quiet manner about him,

a man of few words and many talents,

and he left a thin place for his family to enjoy.


In the middle of an inland lake,

on an island of only 8 acres,

Grandpa and his father built a cottage in the 1920s.

Three generations later, there have been

some additions and upgrades,

but it continues to hold a

special place in each of our hearts.


In his midlife years

he built a wooden boat in his garage,

held together by 3,000 brass screws

and his desire for precision.

For years she skimmed across the waters,

being the fastest boat on the lake in her prime.

But as Grandpa aged so did she.

For 20 years she hasn’t seen or touched water.


Yet rebirth is possible:

this winter she will be restored.

And we all have hopes that

next summer she will once again

be immersed in the water and

we will hear that familiar

hum of the engine that carries us

to a distance place and time,

to a thin place of memory and hope

where a bit of heaven and earth

become one in the body of water

that is like home.




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Handiwork of the Cosmos

These days hold a turning of the seasons, marking thyme in different traditions:




The heavens are telling…


The New Moon ~

calling for rebirth, transformation, truth telling.

The Festival of Samhain ~

the turning of the year from summer to winter.

All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day ~

we travel not alone, here and beyond, on the surface and deep within.


The cosmos are heavy laden with energy and life that calls forth

… honesty – the gut wrenching kind, difficult to speak but oh so necessary

…  authenticity – peeling away layer after layer of ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’, and finding the goodness with which You have created each of us

… detachment – freeing up energy when we let go of our desired outcome

… common-unity – You call all of us to life, sustain all of us, and desire that we share this with one another.


And the firmaments declare Your handiwork!


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